Conductor: Rachel Wilford
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Accompanist: Carolyn Pritchard
Principal:David Brown

Orchestra conductor: Carolyn Pritchard


Out first song is 'Alleluia! I Will Sing'. Listen to the lovely melody as it winds its way through Part One, then Part Two and then together. It talks about singing of love and freedom and hope and peace - all things that we want to see in our world today.
Then we will move into a beautiful and inspirational song about appreciating life. It's from Charlotte's Web and is called 'Ordinary Miracle'. Two soloists are featured in this song - Zoe Hunter will start and finish the song with her gorgeous voice and Kelly Newlands will play the saxophone solo.
Please welcome the Westburn Senior Choir and its conductor Rachel Wilford.


In 1906, a piece of music was published that became one of the best known pieces in Sweden. It was 'Swedish Rhapsody' by Hugo Alfven. He took some popular Swedish folk melodies and put them together with some of his own to bring to mind the dancing and games around the May-pole on Midsummer Eve. You can just imagine people dancing and celebrating at this festive time.

In contrast to this, our next piece written in 1952 became the first rock 'n roll recording to hit the top of the pops charts and stay there for weeks and weeks. It became wildly popular with teenagers around the world and was sung by 'Bill Hayley and the Comets'. It is, of course, "Rock Around the Clock". I know you won't be able to resist tapping your feet in time to the beat, and if you feel like bursting out in song, we don't mind at all - Mrs Pritchard got us to do it when we practiced! ........but maybe the people sitting around you might take a different view, so best keep that one for later!

Here they are - the Westburn School Orchestra conducted by Carolyn Pritchard