Conductor:Mrs Zara Ballara
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Accompanist: Mrs Chrissie Badger
Principal: Peter Kay

Orchestra Conductor: Mr Carlo Ballara( 22 members 18 require seating in auditorium )
Medbury Orchestra



Medbury Chorus [25 members]

PIECE 1 "For the beauty of the earth"
Music by John Rutter
Flute Soloist: Alex Hickman

Music stand and microphone

PIECE 2 " Witch Doctor"
Words and Music by David Seville aka Ross Bagdasarian

Medbury Chorus would like to begin with a piece by one of their favourite composers John Rutter. Over the years he has produced many exquisite choral pieces. The one we have chosen for tonight is "For the beauty of the earth" composed in 1980. The first line of each verse effortlessly express the sentiment of this song "For the beauty of the earth", "For the beauty of each hour", "For the joy of love" and finally "For each perfect gift of thine". Joining us to complete this work is our flute soloist Alex Hickman.

Our second song is "Witch Doctor" which, was performed by David Seville back in 1958 a 1# hit in the R&B charts. It is a song telling the story of a man seeking help from a witch doctor in order to impress a woman he has fallen in love with. I'm not entirely sure the the witch doctor's words would work today but who knows?

Please welcome the Conductor, Zara Ballara and accompanist, Chrissie Badger.

Name badgers for Zara Ballara, Carlo Ballara and Chrissie Badger.