We hope that the following are helpful
Rehearsal plan: Think macro-micro-macro sing a whole song, work on 2 or 3 main issues, sing the whole song again. Try and keep the ratio of singing to talking high, i.e. 95% singing, 5% conductor talking.

Face shape: Remember soft palates up, relax the jaw and sing with "north / south" vowels. Tell your choirs to "focus the sound between the eyes". This will help them retain round vowels and a less breathy tone.
This is a good visual for your students: Imagine that you have an elastic between your eyes, as you sing stretch the elastic out forwards and see the sound spinning out in front of you.

Posture and Communication: The way you stand and look will be reflected back to you in the sound and performance of the ensemble. Think carefully about what you want to achieve, and try to show that in all areas of your stance.

Learning a Song: Speak the words of the song in the correct rhythm, with clear and crisp enunciation. Get their bodies moving to the beat at the same time. This will help them focus on one specific element at a time, and will speed up learning by memory.

Conductors: Most of us conduct a beat that is too big. Spend some time in the holidays looking at your beat in the mirror and try and keep it inside a "picture frame" around your face and upper body. You will be suprised at how much more the students will focus, if your beat is focused.

Start a new song by listening through to the music on the CD with your choir, have them follow their own music. They will find it easier to learn if they are looking and listening.