held at Burnside High School at 4.00pm on 6 August 2014
Meeting opened 4.03pm
Attending: Helen Renaud (BHS), Gavin Hurley (BHS), Carolyn Pritchard (Westburn), Susan Frost (Wairakei), Rhonda Kearns (Christ the King),Chrissie Badger (Medbury), Pam Morgan ( BHS),Rachel Wilford (Westurn),Sue Densem (BHS), Ravil Atlas ( BHS), Bridget Roth (Roydvale).
Apologies: Philippa Brocklehurst (Wairakei), Philippa Chilvers(Cobham), Elizabeth Muschamp(Russley), Zara Ballara (Medbury)
President – David Brown(Helen Renaud nominated, Susan Frost- seconded) Carried (NB: As David was not present, Carolyn Pritchard will advise him of the request for him to continue in this position. She will advise the committee should David no longer wish to hold this position.)
Musical Director – Helen Renaud (Susan Frost nominated, Chrissy Badger seconded) Carried
Stage Manager – Gavin Hurley (Helen Renaud nominated, Chrissie Badger seconded) Carried
Treasurer /Secretary – Pam Morgan (Helen Renaud nominated, Carolyn Pritchard seconded) Carried
Music Directors and Stage Managers Report:
Report attached. Main features-
. A new timeline has been developed on the wiki page.
. A new committee is being set up for approving individual choirs repertoire (Ravil Atlas, Susan Frost, Rachel Wilford and Sue Densem)
. Helen Renaud will approve individual instrument repertoire.
. Reminder was given to arrive on time for massed rehearsals.
. Request for students who are ill to not attend the evening performances.
. Reminder was given of the after event gathering which is held each year at Miseos as a wind down.
. New rules for repertoire - no medleys, music must be written for the primary voice, music is to be appropriate for the range of childrens voices and in the style for a choral festival, pieces should encourange the use of head voice and should be in the appropriate text.

Suggestions for the future:
. Short demo to be put on wiki of an appropriate warm ups ( min of 2) and how to get students to use their head voice . Helen/Ravil/Sue to look at possibilites for use in 2015.
. Pedagogy time to be increased to a half day meeting. Helen will see if this is possible.
. Gavin suggested choir directors look at two to three years ago repertoire (say 2011/2012) for ideas on what may be appropriate for their students.
.Chrissy will ask Avonhead choir director if their school would like to do the harmony part for the massed items in 2015.

Treasurers Report:
Report attached. Festival ran at a small profit. Income and Expenses similar to previous year.

General Business:
Thanks was given to everyone involved in this year’s festival. All parties felt it was well run with little hiccups.
Meeting closed: 4.54pm


Thanks for all those involved.
  • Special thanks to our massed choir conductors and accompanists for all their outstanding work.
  • Great to see all those who came down to Misceos after the concert in the evening. This is always a nice time to chat without the stress of the performance. This was a little sparsely attended, we will look into the concept of one night only if needed.

Success this year:
  • Flow of each night went well, finishing at an appropriate time.
  • Choirs learnt their music in plenty of time
  • Instrumental groups were polished and well trained.
  • A big thanks to all those who helped back stage, the level of parent behaviour at the doors was the best it has been. Thanks you to the school liaison (usually the conductor) for making this so clear to the parent body.
  • Student behaviour at the rehearsals and evening was considerably better than in the last couple of years
  • Keyboards on stands with batteries significantly improved changeover time between ensembles - thank you for organising this.
  • Almost no lost property was left in the block this year.
For the future:
  • A new committee will be set up for approving individual choir repertoire (Ravil, Sue, Rachel, Susan)
  • Helen Renaud will approve individual instrumental repertoire
  • There are still choirs arriving significantly late for massed rehearsal - whilst it may be difficult to arrive on time, dates are given well in advance and appropriate arrangements need to be made so that rehearsal can start at the stated time (this is not the arrival time). It is unfair on massed item conductors to have their time cut into by latecomers.
  • Illness onstage: whilst this cannot be avoided, we were aware that some of the sick students, had been ill during the day. These students SHOULD NOT be attending in the evening, even if they wish to.
  • New timeline developed on Wiki - this is on-going.
New rules for rep:
  • No medleys
  • Music must be arranged or written specifically for the primary voice
  • Appropriate range for children’s voice and style for a choral festival.
  • Pieces that encourage the use of head voice.
  • Appropriate text
Suggestions for 2015:
  • New choral directors should get in touch with BHS in Feb, and come for some PD with the choral team. This can include repertoire help.
  • Contact the approval team for a schools visit.
  • DVD of Rachel
  • Model of warm at the front of the CD

Balance of Accounts:
Today’s Cheque Account Balance: $13193.81 (This includes $13190.00 from receipt of ticket sales - slightly down on the previous years figures - we are still to receive funds from BHS for door sales) Only expense currently drawn is for reprographics for 2014 repertoire of $1443.08. Funds of $500 were transferred from the savings account on 30thMay as funds held did not quite cover this expense prior to receipt of 2015 ticket sales. Cost of Aurora Centre hire has gone up again this year to $4060.65(previous year $3867.45)
Savings Account: - $5644.38 - as mentioned above $500 was transferred to the cheque account in May. This account continues to receive nominal interest.
Overall cash on hand is $18,838.19.
Balance Sheet as at 31/03/14
Accounts ran close to budgets for the year. Some slightly under, some slightly over. Increase in sundry expenses due to cost of piano tuner of $110 and Department of Internal Affairs now requiring a fee of $50 each time we lodge our documents to the Charities Commission. (Bill was for the previous year as well)
Thank you to everyone for getting your cheques to me on the morning of your performance evening. This ran very smoothly this year.
Tickets sales were slightly down again this year (weather one evening was not great, as happened last year) Please remember your 8 tickets are for anyone you may like to see at the event - people assisting are already included in our numbers and not part of these give aways.
Pam Morgan/Treasurer/Secretary

held at Burnside High School at 4.30pm on 1 July 2013

Meeting opened 4.30pm
Attending: Helen Renaud (BHS), Gavin Hurley (BHS), Carolyn Pritchard (Westburn), Philippa
Chilvers (Cobham),Susan Frost (Wairakei) Greta Henley (Roydvale), Anna Trinder (Avonhead), Rhonda Kearns (Christ the King), David Brown (Westburn), Pam Morgan ( BHS)
Apologies: Hannah Craig (Breens Intermediate), Rachel Doig-Wilford ( Westburn), Philippa Bricklehurst (Wairakei)
President – Request was made at last year’s AGM for this position to be rotated between Principals’ of schools involved. David Brown is happy to continue in position for another year. (Helen Renaud nominated, Carolyn Pritchard - seconded) Carried
Musical Director – Helen Renaud (Gavin Hurley nominated, Philippa Chilvers seconded) Carried
Treasurer /Secretary – Pam Morgan (Philippa Chilvers nominated, Carolyn Pritchard seconded) Carried
Stage Manager – Gavin Hurley (Helen Renaud nominated, Philippa Chilvers seconded) Carried

Report attached. Reminders - ‘Night’ requests need to be made online by 30th July 13
- Suggested repertoire page for next year is on wiki site
- no medley songs for massed choir or individual items
- individual choir items should be accompanied either by piano or
backing track
- Massed music meeting to be Monday 9thSeptember 2013
- Aim to have next year’s music purchased mid October 2013
- Request for helpers to cut and paste for booklets

Change in date of 1st rehearsal:
Request was made for the first rehearsal to be earlier than currently held. This requires a
change in venue as the Aurora Centre is fully booked. New dates for this are 27-29 May 2014. School’s that have large halls that can accommodate 300+ students are to check to see if their school hall is available for this purpose and to advise Helen Renaud/Gavin Hurley as soon as possible. There is to be only one venue for the three days required.
Report attached. Reminders – Students arriving on time means warm-ups are also on time
- Use of name tags for parent helpers will be used again next year
- Number of students per school needs to be adhered to, to stop
overcrowding on the risers
- Only keyboards with batteries will be permitted again next year
- Microphone requirements need to be made in advance to avoid
an $80 penalty fee per day. If a choir has a soloist, then they will
need a mic’.
Abuse by Public:
While name tags significantly improved parents trying to come into M Block, there were instances each evening, of verbal abuse to BHS staff members. Helen Renaud/Gavin Hurley will write to each school Principal with reference to this and ask that parents/caregivers be advised they are not to enter this area.

Report attached. Association ran at a loss for 2013. Hope to break even for 2014. Pam Morgan is to look at schools with instrumental ensembles and provide extra tickets to these schools at the time of first ticket issue.

Conflicting Dates:
Central Cross Country race was run during the week of the final rehearsal/festival evenings this year, making it difficult for some schools to have all students at their rehearsals. David Brown will send a letter to the organizer of the event and request they look at alternative dates.

Final Rehearsal/ Sound Check:
School’s would like to sing both of their songs at this rehearsal as this is often the only opportunity their students have to go “on a stage” before the festival evening. A motion was put forward that an extra half an hour be added to this rehearsal to enable students to sing both songs. (Helen Renaud – nominated, Gavin Hurley – seconded) Carried.

Thank you:
All teachers present thanked GavinHurley and Helen Renaud for all their organizing and commitment to the festival. They appreciated the understanding of their students needs and were particularly appreciative of students being able to use the Green Room to have morning tea. Helen Renaud/Gavin Hurley will organise for the Green room to be booked for next year’s rehearsal.

On the first two days of rehearsal the heating in the Aurora Centre did not appear to be on. Gavin Hurley will send a reminder to the Aurora Centre Committee advising that heating is required at all the 2014 rehearsals.

Toilet Buddies:
This was very successful each night and will be used again next year.

Individual School Compere’s:
This worked very well and individual schools’ will be requested to do this again in2014. A request for notes to be placed on wiki will also be made again as they were proven to be very helpful.

7pm Start:
This was well received by parents and will continue into the future.

Minutes/Reports to be placed on Wiki Page:
Request was made for these reports to be made available on the association’s Wiki Site. Helen Renaud will organize this.

Meeting closed: 5.25pm

North West Music Festival Association
Minutes for Annual General MeetingDecember 2012

Meeting Opened at 4.32pm:

Attending: Helen Renaud (BHS), Gavin Hurley (BHS),Carolyn Pritchard( Westburn), Phillipa Chilvers (Cobham Intermediate), Susan Frost, Elizabeth Minchington (Ilam), Pam Morgan (assistant to Treasurer)
Appologies: Glenys Lang, Anna Normanton , Hannah Craig (Breens Intermediate), Rhonda Kearns (Christ the King), David Brown (Westburn), Rachel Wilford(Westburn), Sue Densem (BHS)

Matters Arising:

Election of Officers: The following members were elected as follows:

President: David Brown (Carolyn Pritchard nominated, Helen Renaud seconded) Carried
Secretary: Carolyn Pritchard (Helen Renaud nominated, Elizabeth Minchington seconded) Carried
Treasurer: Pam Morgan (Susan Frost nominated, Helen Renaud seconded) Carried
Stage Manager: Gavin Hurley (Phillipa Chilvers nominated, Susan Frost seconded) Carried
Musical Director: Helen Renaud (Phillipa Chilvers nominated, Elizabeth Minchington seconded) Carried

David Brown has sent a request for Principals to consider a rotating system of Principals taking role
of President each year.

Susan Frost nominated that an honorarium be attached to Treasurer Role - Helen Renaud seconded. Carried

Treasurers Report:
Pam Morgan advised the festival made a small loss for the year ending 31/03/12 etc due to reduction in
ticket sales. Main expenditure continues to be the cost of hiring the Aurora Centre. Completed Balance
Sheet and Accounts are available on request.

Music Directors Report:
Thanks to all who were involved in putting together the music for 2012. Help with putting together the booklets was requested and Susan Frost offered assistance. Choir numbers will remain unchanged in 2013 due to safety and fire regulations on stage.

Stage Manager’s Report:
Gavin mentioned the issue of keyboards on stage needing to be battery powered. The transition points off and on stage need to be kept smooth moving.

Letter regarding re-imbursement cheques - Secretary to reformat this letter to ensure that when it is sent to Principals, they are made aware funds are forwarded on the understanding that they will be used in the music department of their school.
Christ the King School Choir Numbers - Rhonda Kearns sent a request that her choir number be increased to 50 for 2013 year. This is not able to be increased due to safety on stage.

Comperes - Request was made for massed items to continue to be compered by a specific school each night but that
individual items be announced by relative schools comperes. This was agreed to on the proviso that each school has their student(s) ready to do this at the morning of the last rehearsal.
Toilets: Susan Frost asked about the toilets during interval, Gavin and Helen will arrange for this in 2013.

Meeting closed 5:45pm