North West Festival Compere Notes
Insert date here.......

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, visiting School Principals and students
We would like to welcome you here tonight for the first/second/third performance of the 201? (Change year!) North West Music Festival. My name is ........, and I am ......... from ..........School. We are your comperes for this evening.
With us tonight are School 1, School 2, School 3 and School 4 primary schools and of course, Burnside High School. We are in for a feast of music with a variety of vocal and instrumental items. So let’s get started.

We begin tonight with two massed choir songs.....


Please welcome the massed choirs with conductor ...... and accompanist ......


Our next two songs are again sung by the massed choir....


We are now going to have a twenty minute interval, we hope that you have enjoyed the first half, see you soon.


Please welcome for the final time, the massed choir with ......, conductor, and ....., accompanist.

We cannot conclude our evening without acknowledging the very valuable effort of Helen Renaud, Co-ordinator of the North West Festival, and Gavin Hurley, our Stage Manager. They have taken on a huge task and I am sure you will agree, have done a sterling effort.
Also, a very big “thank you” to our Massed Choir conductor, ......, and accompanist, ..... if they would like to join us on stage to accept a small token of our thanks (give flowers)

We hope that you have enjoyed your evening with us. We have certainly enjoyed presenting it to you. We thank you for being such a wonderful audience. Drive home safely, and we’ll see you back here next year for the same event!
So it’s “Goodnight” from us!